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  New barcode technologies improve efficiency and speed of checkout on both sides of the register.

Although a number of companies have attempted to put together a large database of barcodes, none have exceeded 30 million barcodes - at least as far as we know, up till now. - soon to be the world's largest shopping portal - claims to have a database of 100 million barcodes, as reported by Want China Times.

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Applications of Barcode

1. Consumer Goods
Enhance your operations with barcode printing solutions that will satisfy any product or shipping management, distribution management, or compliance labelling needs and more.

2. Electronic
Small barcode labels packed with information provide big savings for electronics manufacturers. Plus, they help companies meet compliance labelling requirements with ease.

3. Library
Barcode Solution is the smart choice for libraries that want to improve efficiencies, with barcode printing products that improve tracking and save time and money.

4. Public Administration & Safety
Improve accuracy and productivity in public administration and safety with reliable barcode printing products for ticket issuance, document management, receipts and more.


1. Pharmaceutical Repackager
Innovative barcode printing products and printing solutions improve accuracy and streamline workflow for a variety of pharmaceutical repackaging applications.

2. Laboratory
When you depend on speed and accuracy, you need entry level Barcode printer for a range of lab sample tracking, lab management system, and lab inventory products.

3. Primary Care
Primary care centers and physician offices can use entry level Barcode printer products throughout their facilities to provide excellent patient care to streamline internal processes. Look to entry level Barcode printer for desktop and mobile barcode printers for point-of-care specimen labelling, secure ID and access control cards for the staff, barcode labels for patient files, asset management and inventory control and even secure printing of prescriptions on tamper-proof, anti-counterfeit paper.

4. Retail
Increase efficiency from your back office to checkout by printing labels on demand to improve accuracy and save labour. Quickly print gift and loyalty cards to keep customers loyal. Expand self service offerings with kiosk printing of coupons and gift registries. Respond quickly to pricing updates with mobile printing.